Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crazy Good Workouts

I feel like for most people this post would be coming from some kind of New Years Resolution, but for me its more like a rejuvenation of last years resolution. All of my friends and family have witnessed me loose over 40 pounds in the last year, probably almost to the day. I started my weight loss using Weight Watchers to help me get control over my diet and I also worked out for the first 3-4 months at Planet Fitness. Eventually the working out dwindled to nothing but I still lost weight, just not at as fast of a pace.

Currently I am not using Weight Watchers and I haven't consistently tracked any points since last August. I started my weight loss at 196 pounds and I'm currently hovering around 155. The last few months I haven't really lost much weight, maybe a few pounds here and there but for the most part I've stayed consistently at 155. My original Weight Watchers goal was 150, because when I was 196 pounds that seemed impossible. My ideal weight would probably be 140 so that still leaves me about 15 pounds to go. My eating habits haven't been the greatest, but I try to make the best portion control/selection choices as possible and take it day by day. Sometimes Ill do great through out the day and then totally blow it at night. My current weakness is an Its-It ice cream sandwich because 

SOOOOO good!!

So, fast forward to now. I'm 40 pounds down (yay) but I still want to get that last 15 off, but be fit. I decided to sign back up for the gym because I simply needed to be more active. I kind of made this years resolution to use exercise to de-stress myself and help me with my anxiety and its absolutely helped. I didn't want to just go work out on a treadmill or elliptical because frankly it gets boring really fast. I took a chance and tried some of the classes that my local 24 Fitness offers. 

This work out is INSANE, but in a really good way. I went to the gym and that night they were offering this class. It sounded hard and I was scared to try it thinking I would look like an out of shape idiot not knowing what the hell I was doing. I'm sure some of that was true but WOW, the work out was so much fun. 

Im not sure where else they offer this class in the US other than 24 Hour Fitness, but Ive heard its huge in Europe. Kind of like how big Zumba got here. The first time I took this class I could barely walk out because of all the squats and lunges, but now I am actually putting more weights on the bar to continually challenge myself. I am literally sweating my ass off during this class and I LOVE IT! Im now noticing more definition in my arms and shoulders as well in my legs. My posture has improve dramatically as well. 

This class is just as intense, but for a completely different reason. When I first tried this class I was thinking the people in the gym looking in must think its the easiest class ever, but don't let it fool you! This class will challenge you. Its using a combination of yoga, Pilates and aerobics to get a full body work out. 

Some of those moves in the video are SO HARD. I can do most of them but usually only at level 1 and I'm sweating to death while my muscles are cramping. I think what is hard about this class is the constant movement and balance which challenges your body in ways it normally isn't  My favorite part is the attitude of the class. The teacher is constantly saying positive statements that motivate you that focus on empowerment, goal setting and goal achievement. I walk out of this class on a high because I feel like I can do anything. 

I'm now on week four of my new work out plan and I must say I'm a little worn out. I went to Willpower and Grace tonight and it kicked my butt but I was so glad I went. They say most New Years Resolutions fizzle out after week four and I'm determined to make it stick and create a permanent change. 

Im not quite at my bikini bod but I think by summer I will so be there. I might even post a picture some day. 

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