Monday, February 18, 2013

Good Morning

This morning I wake up to Leela laying right on my chest as she usually does. Right about 7:30 every morning its either her climbing on top of me to snuggle or attacking my feet because she thinks it the best time of day to be crazy cat. 

I all of a sudden realize Stig (our Fiat) is parked on the street at the meter and I've got to go put change into the machine. Nathan and I both don't work on Mondays and we happen to live downtown where the meter police love to give us tickets when we sleep in on Mondays. Thank you Leela for waking me up so I don't add to our plethora of tickets already. 

While I'm going outside I may as well take the Franken Pooper out (our dog who has many names referencing her poop), because if I'm getting up and going all the way outside just to put change in the machine I may as well let her out at the same time. 

As I'm walking Frankie I notice the fact that I'm wearing all grey and I happened to write a post about grey yesterday. Is it just a coincidence or do I like grey? A guy walks past me making weird eye contact and I don't know if its because I'm the weirdo standing on the side of the sidewalk taking pictures of my dog pooping, because I'm the weirdo wearing all grey, or because he is a weirdo and happens to find a girl wearing all grey taking pictures of her dog pooping attractive. So I just awkwardly smiled and said good morning.

I take my all grey weirdo butt back up to the house, crawl back in bed and it dawns on me that its Presidents Day and there was no need to put change into the meter at all. Awesome... Frankie falls back asleep cuddling next to me and now I'm wide awake.

Ill admit, if this is the worst my case of the Mondays gets than Ill take it. 

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