Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My fav healthy snacks

As I said yesterday I was going to write about some of my favorite healthy snacks that Ive really relied on to help me loose weight. I must shamelessly admit that when I sat down to start writing this I had my hand elbow deep in the potato chip bag. So I guess I need to listen to some of my own advice tonight. 

The biggest thing I usually look for in a snack is something that will provide me protein to satisfy my feelings of hunger. Not all of these have that but most of them do. Sometimes I am just simply looking for something to satisfy my munchies or my sweet tooth and the items on this list are also great for that as well.

Handful of Dry Roasted Almonds

Dry roasted almonds are packed with protein as well as healthy fats. I usually eat these as my breakfast mixed with some dried fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth. You would be amazed how a handful of almonds will hold back your feelings of hunger.

No Sugar Added Applesauce

My coworker makes fun of me for eating my applesauce cups because I guess that's what old people eat in the hospital to take their medicine with. I personally eat it because it satisfies my sweet tooth but the sugars from the apples can help give you a natural energy boost toward the end of your work day. Anything that prepackages the serving size as well is a great help to tracking points on Weight Watchers.

Apples and Peanut Butter

I love me some apples. Especially when you spread some yummy peanut butter on them! Just make sure to keep it around a Tablespoon cause that stuff adds up real fast. 

Fruit Cups in 100% Fruit Juice

Can you tell I have a sweet tooth yet? My body literally craves sugar more than anything else. Id say even more than water. So these fruit cups really help me to not only get my fruit intake, get a natural energy boost and stay low calorie with 100% fruit juice. Sometimes it can be really hard to avoid the ice cream and candy but these help a lot.

1 Cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese

I dont think the low fat part is that important but the lower the calories the more I can have. :) Again its packed with a great amount of protein and you can even eat it with fruit or vegetables. I personally just like it with some salt and pepper. 

1/2 Cup of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is great because its packed with a little more protein than regular yogurt. I don't know about you guys but if you've ever looked at the nutrition information on regular yogurt its almost as bad as eating a candy bar! So the "Greek" part of this is very important. Make sure you are only using the "original" or lightly sweetened flavors because they have less sugar added. Incorporating some fresh fruit into the yogurt will give you the natural sugars to sweeten it up. 

Handful of Jerky

This is one of my favorite snacks I think out of all of these. A handful is all you need! The jerky has great flavor, lots of protein and you can chew on one bite for a long time. I usually eat my jerky on my way home from the gym to fill my body with muscle building protein.

1 Cup of Popcorn

Now, don't get it mixed up when I say popcorn and translate that to "Movie theater popcorn with extra butter" because that's definitely not what I mean. I like to buy the Smart Pop snack size bags because they are the perfect snack size and I think are around 100 calories. There isn't honestly much nutritional value, but it satisfies the munchies. My favorite flavor is the Kettle Corn. Yum!

Hard Boiled Egg

I sometimes have a weird dislike for eggs, but I've found hard boiled eggs are great for breakfast. I usually cook up about 5-6 eggs to last me my work week and on my way to work Ill eat it in the car. If you want to make it a little healthier, just eat the egg white and not the yolk. 

3 WhoNu? Cookies

I know its Girl Scout cookie season, but READ YOUR LABELS!! Those Samoas are a whopping 150 calories for 2 cookies and there is less than 1g of protein and fiber. WhoNu? has 160 calories for 3 cookies, 2g of protein and 3g of fiber. Its absolutely a processed food, but I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. Nutritious and delicious! They have about 6 different kinds of cookies so look for them at the grocery store.

1/2 an Its-It (or any of your favorite treat)

Less is more! My point being, you can learn to feel satisfied with just a few bites. I know I've mentioned these on here before, but they are my absolute favorite sweet thing to eat, EVER! They have been a real diet killer, but I've discovered if I only eat a half at a time its honestly not that bad. You can do this with any of your favorite treats. You can find them at Safeway and New Seasons, and I'm sure Whole Foods has them as well if you want to give them a try. Watch out though, they are dangerous!

If anyone out there is trying to loose weight I hope these have been helpful. I usually rotate through these so I dont get bored with the selection of healthy options. What have you guys found to be a great healthy snack to keep you on track?


  1. okay, we must be taste-bud twins because these are all my favorite snacks! ESPECIALLY its-its! ahh so good. we discovered these when we moved to the bay, and we can't get enough! smart idea to eat half at a time though, or split them! XO
    now following your darling blog!! xo the well-traveled wife

    1. Thank you emi!

      I love my Its-It soooo much. I discovered them on a business trip to Sonoma and was so excited to see them at Safeway. I tried the mint favlor too but it wasnt as good as the original.

      My husband loves them also, but Im usually too selfish to share with him. Ill buy some for me and some for him and when I split mine Ill leave it for another day. If he takes it he is in trouble!! lol.

      Thank you for following. :)

  2. I'm always trying to find healthy snack options since I'm a super unhealthy snacker. Thanks for these!

    1. Im glad these helped. Sometimes I really want to just dig into something unhealthy but I know after eating it Im going to feel guilty. So these are totally guilt free!