Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It: Cat Nails

This week for Saw It, Pinned It, Tried It I did a Pin that I've had on my Fashion & Beauty board for probably about a year. I'm always trying new things with my nails and I love looking at nail ideas on Pintrest and this was one I saw, thought was cute but never got around to trying. 

How mine turned out

I made a little video to talk about what I did and how. Its my first one and my camera is not that great so Ill try to make improvements to this eventually. 

The tools I used for this Pin are:
OPI Alpine Snow

The next time I try something like this I will use a tool like a nail dotter and a thin small brush to create the mouth and whiskers of the cat. I found after trying this Pin you can create your own nail dotter by taking a pencil with an eraser and you then stick a needle in the end. I'm sure you could also use a tooth pick or the point of the needle as well to create the mouth and whiskers of the cat. 

Leave a comment with a suggestions of what you would like to see me try or leave me a link to a Pin.


I tried this again using a pin as a dotter and to create the lines with the sharp side. My sister has a cat that is white with grey ears so I tried it out like the original pin. I think it turned out so much better than the first time!


  1. Love the video! Quality and volume was perfect, content very helpful in making cat nails - I had no idea you were sooo into nail polish. I think I have a few ideas for you for gifts now :-)

  2. What do you do in an instance where you want teh bed to be white and you have a white cat with gray ears?

    1. Just like the picture with the white cat, you dont paint the whole nail you just pain the cats face white, and then use grey polish to paint in the ears.