Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Neutral Grey

In the next few weeks I'm planning on redecorating our bathroom. I've bought a new shower curtain already and I've been playing around with some paint colors. Ironically my shower curtain looks almost exactly like my blog background...can you tell I'm a little obsessed with the chevron right now? Cause its awesome.

1: Sherwin Williams Restful  2: Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray  3: Cost Plus World Market Shower Curtain  4: Cost Plus Gray Towels  4: Cost Plus Glass Jars

I'm planning on using the Sherwin Williams paint color called Restful (1) on the wall behind the toilet that is currently painted a yellow. I've picked out a color called Mindful Gray (2) to be used as a neutral color through the house in our bedroom, entry and back living room. I think I may paint the other walls in the bathroom this color so the green really pops. 

Anyone else have a hard time selecting paint colors? Even though I have my Interior Design degree I feel like I always second guess myself when it comes to picking out paint colors for my own home. I like the idea of using the light grey as a neutral instead of a beige tone, especially because we just bought these fantastic wing chairs from Ikea that are grey.

Ill probably second guess myself like 10 times before I actually buy any paint but I think I have a little more of a direction for my house than I've ever had. Since we bought some new furniture for our house recently, redecorating our house has become a little bit of a personal mission. I feel like I'm transitioning from a newly married person who had hand me down everything, to an adult who is ready to have my house represent me and my style. I've appreciated my hand me down furniture but its SO exciting to be able to pick out my own shit and like it.

We also had a pretty fun time in Cost Plus World Market. I love this store because there is such a variety of things to look at and play around with. They also have some of my favorite snacks so I had to hold back my desire to eat everything. 

Nathan had a fun time with some of the toys too. 

Have a great Sunday!


  1. That last picture is so funny, love it! And that gray color is fabulous!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks! I used this fab App called AfterGlow, if you don't have it definitely download it. Its one of my favorites.

      I'm between two grey's right now. The one shown on my inspiration picture is a little darker than the other. Having a hard time deciding. :)

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

  2. Did you end up using mindful grey? We are building a house and getting to the point where we need to choose a color and i want to do grey throughout instead of beige as well but i am having a hard time finding the right grey. All the ones i pick seem to pull blue and i don't want that! If you did use that grey would you please post a picture or if you already have point me in the direction to it? I bought that same shower curtain too because it is Awesome!!!

    1. I didnt end up using this color acutally. I went with a color called Tinsmith which does have a slight blue undertone. Mindful grey was a little darker than I wanted to go. I did a post on Tinsmith while I was painting our bedroom if you want to see what that color turned out like.

      Im planning on doing another post now that both our bathroom and bedroom are done. When I first did the paint I thought the blue was a lot more evident but now that it was fully dried the blue toned down a bit. I think if you bought the same shower curtain, you would actually like the color Tinsmith.