Monday, March 4, 2013

Finally done

I think I need to explain the verbiage I use to describe my house because its confusing to most, even us sometimes. We live in a one bedroom apartment that is set up like any other house but we decided to move things around a little. We moved our bed to the living room to give us more space and also because Nathan was falling asleep on our old futon every night watching TV. We turned what is technically our bedroom into a sitting/dining/sewing room so I could have a space to sprawl out and be creative without messing up the area we are in the most, and also so Nathan could stay up late watching TV but while in bed. When we moved our house around like this I didn't know what to call the bedroom or living room anymore, so it became the front room and the back room. The backroom was originally the bedroom and the front room was originally the living room. So this is what Ill be calling our spaces from now on. Get it?

1: Picture mural inspiration   2: Wall paint color; "Tinsmith" from Sherwin Williams   3: IKEA Strandmon Winback Chair 
4: IKEA wall mounted lights   5: Adjacent hallway paint; "Peppery" from Sherwin Williams   6: Crate & Barrel duvet cover   7: IKEA bed frame

This was my inspiration compilation for the room and I think once we get some pictures hung and add a few more accessories it will feel more complete. The lights I mounted today have probably been one of my favorite additions so far. They are from IKEA and were only $20 each. IKEA has seriously exceeded my expectations on price, style and ease of install. 

Today I finished painting the front room and it looks so awesome! The room is still coming together because we need something on the windows and need to hang pictures as well. We have one big wall that is completely blank right now and I'm thinking I will do a mural of pictures, big and small. We have a plethora of professional pictures we had taken for our engagement/wedding as well as pictures we had taken for our first anniversary. We seriously only have 3 pictures hanging out of probably 1000. I think that will be my next project, making my wall mural of pictures. Ill probably include some of Nathans Grandmothers art and pictures of us as kids as well. 

Right now I'm thinking we need to go to white sheets because I think the orange ones are a little much with the new paint. Anyone agree with me on that?

Tomorrow I'm going to do another video of a couple of my favorite beauty products. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for the update or subscribe to my blog to get an email when I update. 

Good night!

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