Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Jean?

I've always struggled trying to find pants that fit me well. This seems to be an ongoing struggle for me and I'm starting to think that no matter what weight I'm at, there isn't ever going to be the perfect pair of jeans that fit me like a glove. Until today....

Last week I got my Anthropologie catalog in the mail and fell in love with this adorable top.

 I of course knew I had to have it and I made it my mission to go to Anthro on my next pay check and add it to my wardrobe. Today I went downtown, found my cute shirt and picked up a couple other things to try on, one of them being a pair of black J Brand jeans I knew I couldn't afford but wanted to try on anyways. Big mistake.

I say big mistake, because I put these suckers on and instantly did a frustrated dance in my fitting room because I was angry that they were $175 and that I had to have them, some how. The material is a perfect combination of jean material with the soft stretch of Spandex. They aren't jeggins, but arent jeans either. I have a pair of pants currently that are kind of like this from Lucky Brand but they are two sizes too big on me and they never fit me as well as these ones do.

I've never been to a clothing store and liked everything I tried on and unfortunately that happened to me today. I love that feeling, but it was very frustrating at the same time, because honestly who has that much money to spend on clothes? Because I sure don't. 

Now I'm consumed with thoughts on what I have to do to get $175 so I can go buy those. Part of me doesn't care because I know Id wear the crap out of them, and then the frugal side of me is embarrassed at the idea of spending that much money on pants. Compared to some other things I have to spend money on, it doesn't seem that bad. 

What are some of your favorite jean/pant brands that you have found that you love? If they are expensive, do you think they are worth the buy? If they are inexpensive, do you compromise fit for budget?

I did also happen to pick up this shirt, but I'm not sure if I like how it fits me now that I don't have my amazing J Brand jeans on. :( 
Considering taking this one back to save up for my jeans. 


  1. I LOVE the dog shirt! However I could never spend that sort of money on a pair of jeans no matter how much I loved them, $175 buys a lot of diapers. I just got a pair of Mudd Jeans from Kohl's for $18 (the sale price of course). They fit fine and will do the job, if I can get a seasons wear out of them that is fine with me. I will take a deal that I can afford for a season over long use.

    1. Yeah, some day when I'm a mom I probably won't eve consider spending that much, but I feel like now is the time to get away with it while I still can.

  2. You owe it to yourself to get the 175 dollar jeans. Do it.

    1. I like your point! A friend suggested looking on eBay and seeing if I can find then cheaper.