Saturday, March 2, 2013


I am finally getting started on painting our bedroom and only two walls in and my arms and hands are already killing me. I kind of like the monotonous repetition and it allows me to just get lost in my thoughts and listen to music nice and LOUD! Im sure after I do the bathroom and our living room (thinking about the hallway to the bathroom also), I will probably not want to see a roller brush for a long time. I tend to be someone who gets bored with a space quickly so I move furniture around and paint is a fairly easy change to do but makes a big impact. Nathan is the opposite of me though. He hates painting and has yet to even pick up a paint can this round, which Im totally ok with. When we move out of this place though and we have to paint the walls back he better be prepared to help! Although Id totally be willing to strike a deal. If he moves all the furniture, then Id paint. ;)

Ive been working on prepping around the trim and last night I finally got into rolling. Ive so far only done two walls but Im loving it! The color I chose is called Tinsmith from Sherwin Williams, its a nice light cool toned grey. In our light its reading pretty blue but I didnt want a grey with any warmth in it. I think cool greys have this great calming/open feeling and I also just hate beige. Bleh. I also need to mention that good quality paint makes all the difference. I used Sherwins "Cashmere" paint which is supposed to spread very well and give you good coverage. Last time I painted I just used the bottom of the barrel paint because it was cheap, but that stuff was so thick and had terrible coverage. Im not working nearly as hard this time getting the paint to spread with the roller.

Previously we had this sage/grey/green in there and it just felt like the odd ball out once we got our furniture. This grey feels so fresh and bright and its made everything in the room pop. Im not sure if Ill have to do a second coat but I probably will just for safe measures. I dont want any of that green to come out.

This weekend we are hoping to mount our TV, hang some new bedside wall lamps and finish up the painting. Once we are done Ill post some pics!

Heres what everything looked like last night. Do you like it?

Our house is so messy right now that I just kinda dont care until its done. 

Stuff like this just kinda adds to the visual mess but its got to get done right!

Prepping around molding and corners can be a bitch but last time I painted I got paint all over the white trim and had to go back and touch everything up.

My painting socks. I looked to terrible to post the rest of my painting clothes. hah!

Evening light.

Morning light.

Happy Saturday everyone! Im off to my real job so I can afford to keep painting. :)

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