Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remember that time we lost $100?

First I must say its been waaaaaaaaaaay too long since I've posted. I took a little hiatus, but now I'm back! Thanks for sticking around during my time of feeling very uninspired.

Any who. Tonight really sucks. Remember that post I did a while back about our Envelope System? Well, if not you can read it here. I normally keep all our envelopes in our kitchen in a box with all our bill related things. I'm pretty organized when it comes to bills and creating our budget and we have been on this system now for at least 10 or so months and have yet to accidentally loose any of our envelopes or misplace our money, until tonight. 

The box, the binder I use to organize our bills, our keys tray and our monkey that holds our laundry room key.

Nathan has a practice space for his music and normally we save the money from the middle of the month pay check and pay the bill at the beginning of the month, so the cash is usually sitting in the envelope for at least two weeks before we pay the bill. The envelope usually stays in the box and the last time I remember seeing it was the last time I did the budget around the 29th of March before I got paid. Well, today was the day Nathan was going to go pay the bill and all of a sudden the envelope isn't there and we both go into a frenzy trying to find it. 

After about 20 minutes of searching everywhere, its still not showing up. We've checked the cars, my purses, under the furniture, everywhere. The most bizarre part is that neither of us usually even take the envelope out of the box we have it in. I withdraw the cash, put it in the envelope and then leave it in the box until Nathan takes it out to pay the rent on the practice space. So the fact that its missing from the box is stumping the both of us. 

The most frustrating part is that I'm the one who does our budget so I feel responsible for the missing envelope. I work so hard to make sure we have everything covered, money saved and room for stuff like this that comes up so we can be responsible and financially stable adults. But I guess when you deal with nothing but cash, at some point some of it is going to go missing. 

Thank God for rainy day funds and having the ability to make things work. Its a good reminder to be more careful with where we keep our money and to keep saving for things that come up. Im just hoping one day Ill be cleaning the house and all of a sudden it will show up and we have an extra $100, cause that'd make my day!

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