Friday, April 19, 2013

Tackling another 15 pounds.

I havent been on the Weight Watchers plan since last October, but the last few weeks Ive been feeling like I need to do a re-fresher. When I mentioned this to my co-worker today she seemed surprised Id sign back up on the plan when Ive lost my weight and kept it off. She exclaimed, "Why would you do that?! You are so skinny now and have lost so much, you want to loose more?"

Here are my reasons:

Ive been regularly eating Its-It, on special occasions Ive even had two (thats a whopping 340 calories each)
My portions seem to be getting bigger and Ive been eating everything on my plate
Im not as strict when eating out and tend to eat more than I should be
Even when ordering a salad, I havent been cutting back on my dressing and unhealthier toppings
Ive been drinking more wine/beer than I would be if I was still on the plan

Now, that isnt to say that I haven been staying on track, because I feel like I have done really well at keeping my weight off. What seems to be my hang up is at night after work. Im too tired to put too much effort into choosing healthier options and frankly, the day was stressful and food makes me feel better. 

Heres another "truth" statement. Ive lost a total of 42 pounds to date, but I still want to loose more. I set my original goal at 150 pounds and Im 3 pounds away from that. I set that goal when I was 196 pounds and my goal seemed unattainable at the time. Now that Im only a few pounds away from that, I know I can loose more and I want to challenge myself to do that. 

So, back to Weight Watchers I go, to try an loose another 15 pounds. I feel weird saying I want to loose more weight because I think this time I want to do it not because Im over weight, but because I want to feel more confident about myself and be proud of my body. Yes, Ive lost enough, but I dont want it to just be "enough", I want to feel sexy and confident like I used to and not self conscious. Anyone can relate to this, right?

Im sure this 15 pounds is going to be harder to loose, probably almost more difficult than this 42 pounds, but Im determined and Im excited to see the skinny me in the mirror again. Here we go!

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